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Jack O'Lantern

In the spirit of Halloween our pupils carved up some Jack O'Lanterns in our school  competition. The most original one was created by Kinga. CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

Student Council announced a competition connected with Poland's National Independence Day which is celebrated as a nationwide holiday on November 11 each year. The task was to prepare classroom decorations. The most......

Groundhog Competition

On 20th March our pupils participated in an English Competition "Groundhog" held at Primary School No. 9 in Pabianice. The pupils took listening, reading, speaking and writing tests. Congratulations to: Marcel Budaj......

The second edition of school auction

On the 5thMarch 2019 school volunteers organized a school auction. It was the second edition of this event. Everybody had lots of fun! The pupils  bought books, toys, board games and a......

Open day in our school

On February 1st  there was an open day in our school. At this time future pupils, together with their parents, had an opportunity to see our school from the inside. Thanks teachers......

Skating rink

On 30th January pupils from 7th and 8th grades went to Lodz. They spent an hour on the ice rink 'Retkinia'. They had a chance to improve their skiing skills as well......

English Master

On November 20th our pupils took part in English Master Competition. Wiktor and Mateusz turned out to be THE BEST. We were awarded the first place as a team. Moreover, Wiktor took......


This year our English teachers organized the third edition of 'Jack O'Lantern' competition. Our task was to decorate a pumpkin – the most original ones won. Here are some photographs of our......